How Puumehed Lowered Their CPL by 29%

Puumehed is committed to promoting natural and healthy tree growth and giving homeowners impeccable service while caring for their yards and homes. While some may perceive tree care as seasonal, Puumehed believes that trees need our attention year-round.

Although working in a different industry from what Adacted mainly services, we still decided to take them on because of the unused opportunities we saw in their ad accounts.

After working for about three months, we managed to lower their CPL by 29% while scaling their ad budget by more than double at the same time.

We did this mainly by repositioning their offers on Google Ads to offer more value than their competitors. We also took the approach of dominating a specific set of profitable keywords instead of spreading the budget too thin.

We also took their offer to Facebook and implemented very specific, problem-solving long form copy which turned out to be very efficient for this kind of service.

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Months worked together
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Decrease in Cost per Conversion
50 %
Increase in Conversion Volume
20 %
Increase in Click Through Rate
Quick responses, great prices, professional work. I am very happy with the results. Thank you!
- kaspar, founder & ceo

How we did it?

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