How We Grow eCommerce Businesses to 6- and 7 Figures using Facebook Ads

Using a 3-Step Pre-Launch Process (Shared Below)

This comprehensive report reveals the 3-Step Pre-Launch Process we use before running ad campaigns for all of our clients.

Dear eCommerce store owner/marketer,

Do you find yourself struggling to make Facebook ads work for your online store? Or perhaps you hired an agency in the past who didn’t really know what they were doing – and now you’re stuck at the ground zero again?

If so, this is something for you.

You see, advertising your store on Facebook isn’t exactly as simple as creating a few ads, choosing a couple of seemingly relevant audiences, and throwing money at it (although some agencies seem to think that).

Running Facebook ads effectively takes some effort. First of all, you need to take the time to understand your audience, what they need , and how to position your products.

Then comes the part where you need to draft up ad copy that speaks to your audience and captivates them to purchase. 

Not only that, but you need to structure your copy in a way that speaks to them depending on where they are in the conversion funnel.

…And then comes the part where you also need to know the nitty-gritty technical aspects of Facebook ads – mind, that it’s really easy to just pour your budget down the drain if the set-up is not done correctly.

If you’ve been running your store for some time, you already know how complex it can be at times, and how much work goes into operating a well-functioning business. 

Make your life easier by creating a solid source of revenue for your online store.

Download this free report to learn insider secrets on what products sell better, how to properly prepare your Facebook ads account for success, and how to structure your targeting in a way that transforms your advertising into a well-oiled sales machine.

Who are we?

Adacted is a ROI driven online marketing agency with a hand-picked team of highly qualified digital marketing experts. We’re a small, but incredibly agile agency that specializes in growing eCommerce stores. We’ve worked with dozens of stores in numerous different industries – all while consistently generating 3x-10x ROAS.


  • 3-Part formula to identify products that sell
  • The 6-step pre-launch checklist that we use before launching any client campaigns
  • How to set up your Facebook pixel the right way
  • What custom- and lookalike audiences to use for maximum effect
  • How to establish your KPI’s
  • The fundamentals of the eCommerce funnel and how to structure Facebook ads accordingly
  • What types of ads to use in each step of the funnel


This free report uncovers insider secrets on what products sell better, how to prepare your account for success, and how to structure your targeting in a way that transforms your advertising into a well-oiled sales machine.

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