How Serenity Blankets Grew Their Revenue From $3.3k/Month To $20k/Month in Just 3 Months

Serenity was founded by Carina & Ken Duke who have a daughter with severe anxiety and after researching many different products they came across weighted blankets. They found that the blankets brought her such comfort. Being the best version of you starts with relaxation and proper sleep so the pair spent over a year finding the perfect Blanket for Kenza the inspiration behind Serenity weighted blankets.

Before Adacted, the main struggle was getting consistent results from Facebook ads as well as creating videos that convert.

After onboarding and a thorough account audit, we noticed several issues that needed solving: Videos had poor retention rate, product pages weren’t optimized, as well as some technical issues with the FB pixel (which is a rather common issue). 

After resolving some quick fixes and launching a batch of new ad creatives, we saw an immediate lift on sales. After a few months of rigorous testing and optimizing, we’re able to scale the adspend profitably during Q4.

With Adacted’s help, Serenity Blankets was able to grow their revenue exponentially during the Q3 and Q4 periods of 2021.

Adacted helped Serenity Blankets build a sales system that cut their cost per acquisition by more than 50%.

30 %
Decrease in cost per acquisition
0 +
new customers
new offers brought to market
20 %
Increase in Click Through Rate
What we love about Adacted is that they are so proactive. They are constantly testing, bringing fresh ideas to the table, and looking for new ways to improve our sales.

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