How Voltride Doubled Their Annual Revenue And Conquered New Markets

Voltride is a brand started in Estonia which focuses on the sale and after-sales service of electric micro-mobility devices. The Voltride team has been in the industry since 2016 and they’re currently the largest personal electric mobility device store in the Baltics.

Before Adacted, Voltride struggled with understanding attribution, conversion tracking, and implementing different marketing channels to create a coherent marketing strategy.

This was holding back their growth, because they had reached a certain ceiling in their local market.

Another issue they were struggling with is that the margins were quite low compared to the prices of some of the products.

With Adacted’s help, Voltride was able to double their annual revenue by expanding to new European markets. 

Adacted helped Voltride establish a proven strategy for acquiring new customers and scale the marketing budgets while maintaining a ROAS of 10 or higher.

0 X
Growth in annual revenue
0 +
new high ticket customers
new markets entered
0 X
Average return on adspend
We didn't know that there was so much money left on the table when we started working with Adacted.

Their team helped us to expand to Europe profitably in a matter of months, grow sales on the off-seasons, and help us make data-based business decisions.

How we did it?

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