5 Must Try Product Marketing Videos For Your Ecommerce Business

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Many people compare different products online, get recommendations from friends, and read reviews. Most of the consumers, however, watch videos. In fact, users have a higher chance of buying products after watching a video. 92% of the marketers say that using videos is a significant part of their business marketing plan and 71% of customers prefer videos over other forms of marketing.

The video marketing statistics above show that videos are an investment worth making. So, you must start filming now if you want to improve the ROI of your eCommerce business this year. On that note, here are the five must-try product marketing videos:

1. Product Intro and Catalog Videos

Product videos effectively spread the word about your products on social media platforms. A recent survey has shown that 93% of the marketers got new customers by posting product introduction videos on social media platforms. Such videos work well as advertisements on product pages.

So, what about sharing a quick introduction to your product? There’s not much you need to do to create such videos. Just get a few images of the product and put in some text focusing on the value for the customers. Use some of the best product images for creating something visually-engaging. 

You can create product catalog videos either on a new collection or your entire product catalog. Such videos work great as social media advertisements featuring a promo. You can also share them on landing pages linking to different product pages in the collection.

2. How-To Videos

These are classic videos showing the right way of using products and effective for brands dealing in complex products where the main features are its major advantages.

Such videos also work for promoting products with varied uses and showing the cool side of a product. A good example here is that of Breville Precision Brewer – the brand that made several how-to videos to highlight its coffee brewer’s exclusive and classy attributes and the ease of using it. So, if you want to trek the off-beaten path, show something specific about your product instead of its common uses.

You can also check KAP7, which has several videos on becoming a good water polo player. The brand does not promote its products directly but shows them in videos. Such how-to videos double as informative content for YouTube channels and blogs because they do not have a direct product pitch, but offer value to the viewers.

3. User-Generated Videos

As per studies, 79% of the individuals decide on buying a product after watching user-generated videos. Therefore, they are one of the best ways of boosting eCommerce sales.

User-generated visual content instills trust in the viewers, and it is this trust that brings in repeat business. Go through the GoPro website and Instagram page only to find different user-generated videos shared by expert content creators. 

User-generated content is an excellent alternative to promotional or branded videos that modern-day buyers ignore. Such videos improve engagement from the online viewers, creating deeper and intimate interactions because of their unbiased nature. Additionally, they are effective in convincing the on-the-fence consumers of the value of a product.

Naturally, when these consumers find the other online customers making progress by using a product, they are more inclined to buy the same product.

4. Informative Videos

If you are dealing with an exclusive product, then your video must inform and instruct the viewers. Take the case of Logitech Crayon – a company that produces Crayons for iPads or electronic pens. They create videos on how to use the pen and also highlight its benefits. 

The branded videos of the company do not just describe its products but also review some of the most relevant information and functionalities that prospective buyers should know before buying.

Their videos generally contain:

  • Information about the specific devices their pens are compatible with
  • The setup to start using the pens
  • Information regarding LED support and battery
  • Troubleshooting section where viewers get answers to most of their questions 
  •  important details about replacements, parts, and protection

Throughout all its videos, the company gives prospects the chance to appreciate its products. 

So, if you add such highly informative and instructive product videos to your social media accounts and landing pages, they can bring customers closer to their buying decisions.

5. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos contain social proof components to persuade the most reluctant consumers into buying a product. As per surveys, 83% of the customers rely on recommendations from family, friends, and existing customers when purchasing a product.

Therefore, including video testimonials in your eCommerce business marketing plan is a good way of instilling credibility and boosting sales and conversions. Check out the video testimonials from FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon, if you are not sure how to do this.

So, it’s time for you to make video testimonials and stand out among competitors by adding podcasts or interviews with customers to get more conversions.

The Bottom Line

So, these are the five product marketing videos that can help an eCommerce business grow. Remember that there is no absolute formula for producing impressive product videos but make sure to provide as much information about your product as possible.

With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your product marketing. These should help you create content that gives viewers a reason to engage. Use insights to learn what works best with your audience and create interesting content that they would like to see.

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